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April 2023

Julie Little thinks we need to learn to talk to each other again.

Poet Bonnie Gibson shares two poems that take the reader into other cultures.

Sara Sturgis explores the challenges researchers face documenting the past

The Dubuque – St. Paul trail opened up the Minnesota Territory to white settlement. John Torgrimson writes about the role the stagecoach played in that development.

Nature writer John Weiss travels to Houston County in search of Golden Eagles.

Loni Kemp interviews the founders of Mrs. B’s in Lanesboro, which kicked off tourism development in Bluff Country.

Fillmore County changed its Feedlot Ordinance in 2023 to allow for up to 4,000 animal units despite concerns about sinkholes, porous bedrock, and water quality. John Torgrimson follows the story.

Spring Grove receives development support from Citizen’s Institute on Rural Design.