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Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Root River Current, an online magazine telling the stories of the communities, people, history, and culture of southeast Minnesota’s greater Root River valley (Fillmore, Houston and portions of adjacent counties).

Root River Current commissions work from reporters, writers and multimedia journalists. Topical areas we are interested in publishing, but not necessarily limited to, include: Culture & Community, Land & Water, Business & Work, Policy & Government, Health, and Education.  Keep in mind that Root River Current operates on a schedule that is weeks in advance.

All commissioned work remains the copyright of Root River Current.  Submitted material must be original and never published before.  Paid contributors are independent contractors and their published work in Root River Current is a work-for-hire. 

Root River Current pays for the following contracted work:
  • Lead Article.  A lead article is expected to be a long journalism piece, greater than 1000 words, and include photos or images specific to the article.
  • General Reporting. Assigned general news reporting of less than 1000 words and includes photos or images specific to the article.
  • Root River Current Profiles.  Interview of a person that has had a profound impact on the communities in our target area.  Must include photos or images specific to the interview.
  • Photo of the month.  A “picture is worth a 1000 words” type of photo from our target area. Photographer is expected to provide a short narrative about the photo. 
How to Contribute Written Content

Contributors should send a brief query detailing the topical nature of the article (see above), how they intend to tell their story, the timeliness of the story, a brief bio of themselves, and contact information to editor@rootrivercurrent.org. The editor may ask new contributors to provide a writing sample or a story outline.

How to Contribute Photographs  

Photographers may submit photo samples at any time to editor@rootrivercurrent.org.  The photographer will be notified if their photo is being published.

Other Ways to Contribute

Root River Current recognizes, and encourages, other means of telling a story—original poetry, essays, illustrations, video & audio digital content. Prior to making any submission, please contact us to discuss your idea.  Inquiries should be sent to editor@rootrivercurrent.org or learn more on our  Share a Story page.

Editorial Standards

Details regarding Root River Current’s Editorial, Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Financial Transparency policies can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, page.