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May 2024

Mary Bell discusses her decision to choose green burial and what the process entails.

Root River Current updates 2024 legislative issues regarding southeast Minnesota water issues, including a story by Minnesota Reformer reporter Madison McVan on a proposal that would levy a tax on fertilizer to offset farm pollution.

Lanesboro’s Don Bell can count on his neighbors. This is an entry in our Root River Diary.

Craig Johnson and Renee Bergstrom capture the full essence of May.

Loni Kemp, an avid gardener and nature lover, explores the diversity and beauty of our short-lived spring ephemeral wildflowers.

John Weiss shares the story of Roger Steinberg and his lifetime of service to community organizations in Southeastern Minnesota.

Nancy North visits two bluff country nurseries both working to help restore native prairieland.

Julie Fryer visits with Marty Walsh, the lead organizer of the Minnesota Driftless Hiking Trail.

Madeline Heim chronicles the importance of the Mississippi Flyway for spring and fall bird migration.