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Late Summer Scenes

By John Torgrimson and Renee Bergstrom, August 25, 2023

Amish oat shocks. Amish farmers cut oats, shock them, and leave them in the field to dry. (Photo by John Torgrimson)

Late Summer Scenes


Gribben Mill was built in 1868 by brothers Peter and Patrick Gribben (Gribbin). It is located on Fillmore County Road 23, south from Highway 16 east of Whalan, Minn. Learn more about this nineteenth-century masonry structure in this report to the Minnesota Historical Society (page 24). (Photo by Renee Bergstrom)



Weaver, watercolor artist and photographer A. Renée Bergstrom of rural Lanesboro lives each day with a sense of awe and has her phone camera handy to capture the natural beauty of Bluff Country and its people.



John Torgrimson is the editor and co-publisher of Root River Current.




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