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Three Poems

By Berta Aug, October 25, 2023

Three Poems

A poem inspired by an image is called an Ekphrasis poem. This photo inspired the poem Double Vision. The photo was taken in September 1987 – “the corn still standing, with fall color (and gravel dust) in the distance.” The barn has since been torn down, but the rainbow door was saved. (Photo by Berta Aug)


Double Vision

A rainbow greeted us 

Across a wide river 


A moonlit rainbow 

Calling for intuition, 

And spirit and wonder 

Magic, the feminine – 

Another rainbow is  


As a gift from my sister 

Gracing and watching over 

Me ‘neath a  

Wide, prairie bluff 

The farm – a place of reflection 

Welcoming newfound stories 

Of double rainbows from above


Winter’s Up-Sweep 


Snowdrifts’ creation 

All-white divinity peaks 

Candy’s enchantment



Looking through the 

Barren twin peaks 

Ever so frosted 

In white, clingy, hazy 

Icy remnants 

Balancing the age-old 

Bridge trestle 

No longer in use 

Framing the river 

Like sconces 

On a wall 

Electric sconces 

Transformed from 

Indoor lights 

Into nature’s shining gifts 

Thank you




Besides her global travel, nature inspires Berta Aug’s poetry and prose.  She resides in the valley of wooded Buffalo Grove outside Preston.

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