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By Ann Lowe, November 27, 2023

(Photos by Andy Lowe)


Lanesboro poet and musician Ann Lowe shares Emerging, a poem about relationshipsto our land, to each otherand the journeys that ensue. Read her poem belowthen listen to the way it’s been put to music.



Your road is beautiful, parallel to mine

You see the top, and your strong legs burn for the steady climb. 

You breeze through aspens, wildflowers and the sweet pine.

Your road is beautiful, but your road’s not mine.


My road’s wide open with an infinite horizon,

There stands a cottonwood, a single rose and a lonely looking shrub.

Cuts through the prairie, subject to temperamental skies,

This road is simple, but this road is mine.


I crossed the bridge one spring, your road enticed me some,

Trudged over rocks, pushed through the brush, straight up toward the sun,

Weary and trembling, sinking into the sublime, 

The view was splendid, but that view’s not mine.


Your road goes up, my road goes out,

Your road looks certain, mine’s full of doubt,

The towering peak is where you stand tall,

But I look down and see I haven’t moved at all.


I found myself lost one late Autumn day

My feet ached for ground familiar to navigate my way

And go where it bids, though unsure of what I’d find,

This road’s a mystery, but this road is mine.


You reach the top and see the sky

I need the sky to be my guide

Lead us to heaven, both yours and mine

Can we walk two roads and still be side by side?


Your road is beautiful, parallel to mine

My road is endless with its own design

Both roads converge when we cross the great divide

Your road is beautiful, my road is beautiful

Our roads our beautiful

When they intertwine


  © Ann Lowe 2023





Ann Lowe performs with her musical partner and husband, Andy Lowe, at various events around southeast Minnesota. More about Ann and AndyAKA Needy Dogand their music is available on their Needy Dog website.



Poet and singer-songwriter, Ann Lowe, lives in Lanesboro.  Recently transplanted from Sheridan, Wyoming, she and her husband Andy have enjoyed exploring the beautiful and diverse landscape of the area with their dog, Reggie.

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