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Grateful For Your Inspiration and Encouragement!

By John Gaddo, January 12, 2024

Root River Current celebrates the people, culture and history of the Root River valley in its inaugural year. (Photo collage by Pat Torgrimson)

Grateful For Your Inspiration and Encouragement!


Happy 2024!

The new year has arrived—and with it, our gratitude for making Root River Current’s Founding Members Campaign a huge success.

Our Founding Members—and you know who you are!—contributed over $5000, including a $1000 “Giving Tuesday” matching grant, during the last two months of this fundraising campaign. That brings the grand total for our 2022-23 inaugural-year campaign to over $12,000.

Together with grants from the SigAvis ShermAnna Foundation and the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, donations to the Founding Members Campaign helped launch Root River Current‘s first year of publication in 2023 and ushered us into what will be another promising year of stories about the greater Root River valley.

If you missed this recent gifting opportunity, you can join our Root River Current members roster anytime…like right now!

Your gift of any amount – $25, $50 or more – extends the reach of every Root River Current story, every writer, every featured organization to readers throughout southeast Minnesota and beyond. Here’s what others have said about why they value and support Root River Current

“There’s an intimacy with it,” says Lanesboro poet Sandy Webb. “I feel close to the people and stories featured, even if I don’t know them,” she continues, “such that when I read it, I feel like I’m home.”

Do you relate? 

Root River Current has been called inspiringinsightful…a shining light!

“As a writer, I hope that what I write makes a difference to those I write about and to those who read what I have written,” says La Crescent based journalist Jim Ruen. “Root River Current makes that difference possible.”

And that’s exactly what we set out to achieve when we published our first round of stories in March 2023. Your co mments and encouragement keep us going…and growing. And we’re eager to do more!

What’s the catch? Paying the bills!

Financial Support – Making A Difference  

We are grateful to those who made donations to launch Root River Current — the SigAvis ShermAnna Foundation and individual contributors to our Founding Members Campaign. Additionally, many others have volunteered hours of time and expertise to develop content and a sound organizational foundation.

Your tax-deductible donation will help pay for the stories that inform you, the community voices you value, the creative writers and artists who inspire you with essays, poems, and photography.

  • Your gift of $82 makes ONE DAY of Root River Current available to you and your community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Your gift of $120 equates to paying a dollar for each of the roughly 120 stories published annually; your gift of $240 is comparable to paying $2 for each of those 120 stories. 
  • Your gift of $300 will cover the full cost of publishing a single story – a gift to the entire community.
Why Now?

Your gift today  supports local citizen-journalists, writers, poets, photographers, and artists who make Root River Current what it is—and what it will be in 2024.

As we reported in our review of Root River Current’s first six months, we are deeply moved by all the positive feedback and encouragement received from our readers, content contributors, and donors. Your support inspires and energizes our commitment to growing a community of storytellers who document the people, culture, and history of our region; content that informs and entertains—and sometimes causes us to pause and reflect, and connect with people we may not have known otherwise.

Will you join us?

Please support Root River Current by giving a financial gift.  

Thank you!




John Gaddo is co-publisher of Root River Current.








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