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Mission & Vision


Founded in 2022, Root River Current, Inc. is a nonprofit online magazine serving the Root River valley of southeast Minnesota through written, audio and visual media.    

Root River Current:

  • Tells important, yet often overlooked, stories about the people, culture, and history in the area.
  • Celebrates our shared dedication and love for this region.
  • Publishes the work of local citizen journalists, writers, poets, photographers, and artists.

Our stories are available to audiences free across many platforms, including our website RootRiverCurrent.org, social media, newsletters, and community events.


Root River Current, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation committed to producing journalism and storytelling that builds community in southeast Minnesota’s greater Root River valley.

Root River Current accomplishes this through:
  • Publishing stories that are editorially robust, digitally focused, and intensely local.
  • Promoting in-depth, civic-minded journalism and storytelling including community news, information, opinions, public discourse, and announcements, as well as literary and historical stories.
  • Engaging independent storytellers, writers, poets, journalists, photographers, videographers, and illustrators whose content reflects their love of and dedication to this region.
  • Focusing on voices and stories often missing from mainstream media.
  • Celebrating artists, writers, social entrepreneurs, and neighborhoods.
  • Revealing the leading edge in rural America by offering a truer, more nuanced narrative of rural life.
  • Encouraging broad-ranging, civil discussion from many points of view.
  • Emphasizing opportunities that ordinary citizens have to make a difference in the face of environmental, economic, and social challenges.


Root River Current envisions a community of inspired citizens who nourish and sustain an informed, just, and responsible society that celebrates its friends and neighbors.


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