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Moving to France

By Richard Montgomery, October 17, 2023

(Photo courtesy of Drue Fergison)

Moving to France

Above, Drue Fergison is pictured in Parthenay, a stunning medieval walled city 30 minutes north of her new home in France. She was there in October, called “Octobre Rose” – Pink October – to participate in a walk in support of breast cancer research. On the occasion of Pink October, everyone who participated got a hot pink t-shirt. “Group walks are very popular,” she says. “This one was 10 kilometers (six miles). Dogs are allowed to come on these group walks.” Her dog Timmy, an Australian Shepherd, joined the walk.


Moving to France podcast interview with Drue Fergison

After calling Minnesota’s stunning Bluff Country home for over 25 years, Drue Fergison returned to her beloved France in 2022, settling in the town of Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole from which her Protestant ancestor, Pierre Chamois, escaped religious persecution around 1635, during the religious wars. She lives in a very tall house, with her husband Ralph, dog, and cat, and loves being just two hours by train from Paris, where she lived for four years in the 1990s, and which she considers the center of the world.

She shared her early observations and stories of moving to France from the Root River valley in this edition of Moving to France with Drue Fergison, hosted by Richard Montgomery. In this podcast, recorded in December 2022, Fergison discusses the ins and outs of moving to France covering topics from healthcare to pet ownership to bureaucracy. This podcast is posted here with permission.


Richard Montgomery is creator and producer of the Moving to France podcast featuring interviews and conversations with people who have made the move to France.


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