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Root River Song

By Julie Little and Tim Little, April 22, 2024

A foggy morning at the confluence of the North and South Branches of the Root River, captured by photographer Renee Bergstrom. A Harmony couple shares their musical elegy to the Root.

Root River Song


HARMONY — Tim Little “discovered” Southeast Minnesota when he joined some friends camping at the Old Barn Resort and biking the Root River Trail.

“You’d love it!” he told Julie. The couple were living in the Twin Cities at the time, working long hours and spending a portion of every day crawling along in heavy traffic. It wasn’t until the following year that they booked a room at Mrs. B’s in Lanesboro, explored the rolling hills and bluffs, found the winding serenity of the Root River together, and dreamed of living here.

There was something about this place that spoke to their souls and the word they heard was “home.” They built a house near Harmony in 2016 and never looked back.

Tim has always enjoyed making music. Julie enjoys writing. During the long car trips back and forth while the house was being built, they discovered their two passions could be combined by creating original songs. A hundred songs or so later, they formed Lyric Hills Music, LLC.

The Root River gives Southeast Minnesota a big part of its character and spirit, and it continues to inspire, renew and delight Tim and Julie.


Root River

Lyrics, Julie Little; Music and Vocals, Tim Little


Have you ever encountered

A place in your life

Where you could let go

And slow down the changes

An island of peace

Contentment that flows

With a sense that you’re home again

Watching the scene as it goes.


My place is a river that shivers the branches

Of sleeping old trees – Those lying in watery currents…

A river so peaceful her rush is a whisper

“Slow down,” she whispers to me.


Go ‘round, round the bend, Root River –

Lazily winding  


I’m finding my way by the winding old Root.


When I’m weighted by troubles

Then I long to go

Where the river is near

For here I discover

A vision of calm

A sound that I trust

And the courage to contemplate

Handling whatever I must.


 I come to the river that nourishes eagles

And skitters the trout who navigate shimmering shallows…

A river so peaceful she glides by resistance

“Go round,” she whispers to me


 And always the river

She flows through the landscape reflecting the bluffs

And colors that change with the seasons

A river so peaceful she gives back the sunlight

“You’re found,” she whispers to me.


 Go ‘round, round the bend, Root River –

Lazily winding


I’m finding my way by the winding old Root.  


© 2024, Lyric Hills Music, LLC

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