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Two Poems

By Delia Bell, August 25, 2023

Two Poems

Poet and artist Delia Bell (Submitted photo)


Lanesboro Haiku

In the morning haze

Geese glide over this hamlet

With dreams of water

In the noon sunshine

Eagles soar along the bluffs

With hopes of fishing

In the evening air

Pigeons coo from high ledges

With wishes for rest


The Many Greens of Mid July

The many greens of mid July

Speak volumes to my heart

The perfect peak of the sun beams down

A spotlight for their message to shine

The breeze moves them closer to my soul

With each swift stirring of air

They dance for all of mankind to witness

The many greens of mid July




Delia Bell is an artist* living and working in Lanesboro; she is new to poetry writing, but has been a lover of poetry for years.

*Read more about Delia’s interest in the arts in the article An Artisan and the Apprentice.


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