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Two Poems

By Diane Knight, January 15, 2023

(Original artwork by Diane Knight)

Two Poems


please rearrange……

your thick wall of opinions

so death and decay can wiggle in 

chiseling cracks, opening room 

for seeds and roots to grow

turning your prison wall to dust

so you, naked and glowing,

full of wonder, may float freely

in the very, very blue 

of the very, very blue sky



begin again

like plucking a loose string

pulling a bit more and bit more

unwinding what was something

back into a pile of possibility

like throwing ink onto paper

because a clean sheet is terrifying

like old barn boards and rusty nails

waiting to become something new

like broken bits of the old cottonwood

rearranged into intricate patterns

on the dense floor

like the early morning fog

crowding out the long view

fitting snugly into each crevice

blurring the edges of everything

like an old poem with an old theme

struggling to go deeper, wider

like a life unraveling into possibilities

looking for a new song to sing


      © Diane Knight 2022. 



To learn more about Diane Knight, read the article The University of Diane. Visit her Root River Current poetry post Those Darn Feelings to read or listen to Diane share two additional poems.



Diane Knight of Whalan, Minn. is an artist and poet. She is the author of Putting Down Words, a book of poems and doodles.

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