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Bad Bad Hats | Rhythms on the Root concert


Jul 13 2024



6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bad Bad Hats are celebrated for crispy, lived-in melodies, big choruses that stick for days, and an easy musicianship that carries across their eclectic, wide-ranging releases. Their fourth album Bad Bad Hats was released April 12, 2024 on Don Giovanni Records.

Last January, Kerry, Chris, and longtime bandmate Con Davison cozied up under frigid winter in Chris and Kerry’s Twin Cities home, writing and recording their latest, self-titled LP. Where BBH are typically known for big song topics like love and heartache, Kerry took to smaller ideas this go round—included are songs inspired by parking tickets, scorching Tampa grocery store lots she remembered from her youth, and other autobiographical scenes woven into dance floor-ready numbers.

Today, Bad Bad Hats are back to their founding duo, and their upcoming record is the band’s first time self-producing, with a freewheeling, pristine tone and several unexpectedly funky turns. The new album suggests a band still having deep fun creating and playing, inviting listeners new and old to live life to their heartfelt tunes.

Rhythms on the Root activates the vibrant asset of Gateway Park as a place for the Lanesboro community and visitors to gather and celebrate with live music.

Gateway Park

Elmwood St W, Lanesboro

Lanesboro Arts:

Admission price:

$20 General Admission for individuals age 13+ and $15 Lanesboro Arts Members (free for 12 and under, but ticket still required).

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